BI Bricks

Open Source components, combined with proprietary Business solutions if required, designed, implemented and deployed by experienced DevOps engineers: BI Bricks.

Track record

Hendrikx ITC has won its spurs in the field of high performance data processing with processing PM, CM and FM network data for tier-1 mobile operators. Build on open source technologies like Linux and PostgreSQL, Minerva ETL is an open, scalable and robust ETL platform for real time processing, enriching and publishing of all kinds of (big) data.

Modular and cost-effective

Several open modules or Bricks can be cherry picked as required, resulting in a flexible, open, BI solution. Modules are available for displaying data in charts (e.g.time series), tables and GIS. By the (re-)use of open modules and the avoidance of unnecessary modules and features, we're able to provide very cost-effective solutions.

Generic and open

Data processed by Minerva ETL is stored in a generic, open format. Vendor lock-in is not an issue.

Examples of data sources

  • Time sheets
  • Municipal Personal Records Database (e.g. BAG, GBA, RDW)
  • Social media feeds
  • Sensor data (e.g. temperature)
  • Resource planning
  • Commercial data (e.g. sales, revenues, costs)

Examples of third party BI front ends

  • Jaspersoft
  • QlikView
  • MS Access
  • Business Objects
  • Tableau