Harness the power of raw data

Data becomes more complicated and abundant every day. Demand for intelligent software solutions and expert knowledge increases. Sounds familiar? Luckily for you, at Hendrikx ITC we create these solutions on a daily basis.

Let’s engage your data to make your business future-proof and improve control of your business objectives.

Advance your company on the data maturity model. Benefit from a massively scalable and flexible data platform.

Process data like never before, whether you need to process sensor data of small-scale (IoT) networks or real-time processing of multi-vendor data streams. We’ve got you covered!

A team of IT Professionals

Established in 2003, Hendrikx ITC consists of a team of ambitious IT professionals located in Tilburg.

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Convert raw data into actionable insights

Discover how Hendrikx ITC can help your company grow sustainably by harnessing the power of raw data.